Things right now are crazy. None us us have ever been through a pandemic or really know how to live under quarantine. But I love those who have learned to look for the good, find ways to creatively serve others and uplift where they are. That’s why I loved the idea behind the #FrontPorchProject. Photographers are providing families with free portraits to document these unprecedented times – shaggy hair, home haircuts, pjs and all!

That’s why I’m offering to do them in my own community (northwest Albuquerque). Free and I will come to you, stand in the street or yard (so I’m socially distanced from you still) and take a few photos in 3-5 minutes. These can be whatever you want them to be – cute family photo, casual, silly or even announce something exciting! I think it is so important to document this time and find ways to see the positive. If you are interested you can find me on instagram at annadixonphotography and send me a message or go to my website at annadixonphoto.com and under the contact page you can send me an email. I’ll set up a time with you and get your location. After I’ve edited the photos, I will email the best couple of shots to you to keep or share on your own social media. As a thank you for my time, I would love for anyone to share the idea with their neighbors so we can keep spreading this fun idea.